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Vespers at Whiskeytown Lake - Friday Aug 22 - Please meet with us at the Brandy Creek picnic area for vespers this Friday night - Aug 22, at 7:00 p.m.  Bring your favorite snacks to share.  We will have a couple of songs, a worship thought, and a time to strengthen friendships and make new ones!  See you there.  Do not go into the Brandy Creek beach area, but park in the parking lot at the entrance to the Brandy Creek area.  We will be to the west of the parking lot by the creek!

ATTENTION FIELD TRIP DRIVERS!!!  -   The new Northern California Conference policy for field trip drivers for any school function where you will be transporting students who are not your own is that you must sign on to Shield the Vulnerable ( and take the appropriate training, as well as give your license number and authorize a background check. I understand that the online training that is required is taking some parents in excess of an hour to complete. This goes for the elementary classes and the Essentials program as well.

Some of you have completed the required course to drive on the Pathfinder camporee. If you are in this group, you need to sign back in to Shield the Vulnerable ( and go to the "Affiliations" section, where you will be able to add the school to your list of affiliations, and you will be done.

For the rest of you, please sign in immediately as there is the Yosemite trip for grades 6,7, & 8, and the Sacramento trip for grades 3, 4, &5 coming up very soon.

When you go to the site and click on "First Time Sign-up," You will need the following information:

Organization: Seventh-day Adventist
Union: Pacific Union
Conference: Northern California

When it asks for an affiliation, you should choose the school on the drop down menu.

These background check cost the school $25 for each driver, so please only do this if you plan on being a driver for field trips.

Finally, each driver will need to provide the school with a current certificate of insurance for your car.

The good news (yes there is good news!) once you pass this training and background check, it will be good for three years, with the exception of the insurance certificate which is required each year!

Thank you so much for your cooperation on this issue. I know it is a pain . . . but it is for the protection and safety of our kids . . . . truly a worthy endeavor!





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